Check out 3 cryptomyces to keep an eye on the market in 2021, according to Transfero Swiss report

Altcoins chosen by company represent revolutionary DeFi projects that promise to solve current problems in the cryptomoeda market.

Check out 3 cryptomaps to keep an eye on the market in 2021, according to Transfero SwissNOTÍCIAS‘ report

Three cryptomorphs were considered „interesting“ by Transfero Swiss AG, which recently published a monthly report on the expectations of the financial market for 2021.

According to the Transfero Research Report of January 2021, the altcoins Solana (SOL), Polkadot (DOT) and Parsiq (PRQ) represent a real revolution for the market and „promise disruptions in the crypt ecosystem.

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In addition to listing the three altcoins that were considered promising, the Transfero Swiss report provides an analysis of Bitcoin’s (BTC) performance in recent months and the „DeFi moment“ that has exploded in the cryptomorphic market.

Three promising cryptomorphs
The three projects chosen by Transfero Swiss represent cryptomoedas with proposals related to Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which recently caused a „revolution“ in the Bitcoin market.

According to the company’s analysis, each of the three SOL, DOT and PRQ cryptomoks can offer innovative solutions to current market problems, and should therefore awaken „interest“ in 2021.

Safiri Felix is Transfero’s new Director of Products and Partnerships
Solana (SOL) is presented by Transfero Swiss as one of these promising market projects. Considered the ‚rival of Ethereum‘, Solana represents an ecosystem that promises „a much faster and more scalable blockchain“.

Furthermore, through the SOL blockchain it is possible to create decentralised exchanges, such as Serum, for example.

„With all the movement of the ecosystem and consequent increase in Network Effect, one of the blockchains that may surprise this year is Solana, which is trying to apply its Wormhole concept (an interoperability with the Ethereum network) to bring more efficiency and speed to the operation of DeFi projects“.

Price of Slana (SOL) in 2021 (Reproduction/CoinMarketCap)

Polkadot (DOT)
Like Solana, Polkadot (DOT) represents a DeFi project that can „solve problems in distributed networks of scalability and isolability“ in the cryptomorph market.

Polkadot’s differential lies in the classification of its multichain network, which allows the creation of a set of parachains for each transaction. Thus, in addition to having a blockchain, DOT’s network allows connectivity with blockchains of other cryptomaps.

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The number of transactions completed in the Polkadot network was highlighted by the report from Transfero Swiss as well as a differential from altcoin. While some networks conclude only 30 transactions per second, Polkadot is able to confirm up to 1,000 transactions at a time.

„Use cases suggest a capacity of 1,000 transactions per second, which is a lot if you consider that the average of the most traditional distributed networks is 30 transactions per second“.

Graph shows Polkadot price (DOT)

Parsiq (PRQ)
Transfero Swiss also presented Parsiq (PRQ) as an „interesting“ cryptomeda on the market. Unlike Polkadot and Solana, this altcoin represents a blockchain platform for tracking transactions in the cryptomoeda market.

„This project is different from the last two because it is not a Blockchain, but a Blockchains monitoring and intelligence platform that uses a specific query language. The project’s greatest highlight is its differentiated architecture and the simplicity of the consultation and analysis process“.

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